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Custom CAD/CAM

Custom CAD/CAM

Alexander Jewelers believes jewelry is an expression of your personality and everyone deserves a piece of jewelry that is special and unique.  Our in-house jewelry designers and goldsmiths are inspired by the ideology of designing and custom crafting items that you will treasure and be proud to pass down to future generations.  Our ability to craft some of the most complicated and intricate custom jewelry designs from a simple idea or sketch is sure to charm and impress.  You are involved with our team in each step of the process, allowing you to discuss changes and ideas so that we ensure your dream piece of jewelry is perfect.


Phase I: Design Consultation - Our custom process begins with an initial consultation where we assist your ideas and inspirations to paper.  The ideas and plans set in this consultation will be translated into your dream piece of jewelry.  

Phase II: Jewelry Designers sketch - A rough draft must be created from scratch based on your descriptions, details, and ideas.  You will review these sketches with our jewelry designers to make adjustments prior to moving onto the next step.  A simple sketch allows us to create the foundation of the design, provide a price quote, and time frame for completion.

Phase III: Wax Mold Creation & Approval - Our skilled artisans will either hand carve a wax model, creating the prototype for your item.  Or, design the model on Computer Aided Design (CAD/CAM) which allow us the grow detailed wax model for those immensely detailed works of art. 

Phase IV: Casting & Finishing - One of our highly-trained goldsmiths will cast the piece of jewelry, hand-set any gems, and finish the scope of work.  Each item goes through strenuous levels of inspection before reaching the consumer.   The time and care given to each custom order is reflected in every finished piece.